Humber Bridge

Monday 13th September 2021

Thomas Halliwell have completed a specialist repair works contract for the Humber Bridge Board. Working in partnership with principle contractor Pennine Control Systems Ltd we have replaced some of the original cable containment sited beneath the road deck at Barton and Hessle Towers.

The original 40 years old containment was badly corroded and no longer fit for purpose. A scheme to replace the mechanical “A” frames that regulate longitudinal deck movement required the containment to be relocated to allow installation space for new Mechanical Pendles and Wind Shoes. The new containment consists of Hot Dip Galvanised support frames and GRP cable ladders, with Stainless Steel cable fixings. These components were selected due to the aggressive environment in this salt laden estuarial location. The new arrangement gives additional mechanical protection to the 3300v AC and 400v AC cables where they pass into the Towers at floor level and allows for relative movement of the bridge decks to the Towers due to expansion, wind, live traffic loads etc.

The unique location of these works, working under a live carriageway, above major inland shipping lanes, on a Grade 1 listed structure and having to include HBB’s business partners (Arquiva, Humberside Police, Civil Aviation Authority, ABP etc) in planning power isolations presented logistical and Health and Safety issues which were overcome by partnership and communication.

Due to detailed planning, on-site proactive Project Management, consultation with the client at all stages and successful implementation of the Project Health and Safety plan, the works were completed well ahead of schedule. Critically, this early completion has allowed the Mechanical Contractor unimpeded early access to carry out the replacement of the “A” frames.

Detailed attention to Health and Safety in a small, busy workspace ensured that the areas where our Engineers and other personnel were working in close proximity was a safe, stress and trouble free environment.

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