Thomas Halliwell design and deliver Mongolia’s first metal powder plant

Steppe Metal Powder (SMP) is a metallurgical facility in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. They produce copper, brass and bronze powder from high-grade metal inputs, which are an essential element in the manufacturing of gears, spark plugs, mobile phones and more.

As Mongolia’s first high-tech metal powder fabrication plant, SMP had the potential to pave the way for new industrialisation opportunities and contribute to the development of the country – allowing them to compete in the global markets. With all these socio-economic benefits at stake, they needed an M&E contractor they could trust to design a safe, environmentally friendly facility and install all this cutting-edge technology.

Thomas Halliwell were initially contracted for the design of the plant’s M&E systems. But after valuing their expertise in niche M&E design and engineering, and their years of experience in the industrial environment, SMP then asked Thomas Halliwell to consult and send their highly skilled UK workforce to the site to carry out the fit-out – before bringing them on board as principal contractor for the project.

The Thomas Halliwell team stepped up to the challenge

Once initial consultations were completed, the team supported the client through the design process, and created the full design specifications of the plant and small power plant.

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After demonstrating their comprehensive M&E engineering quality, and highlighting the industry’s latest developments in technology and techniques, SMP asked Thomas Halliwell to consult, take over the project and site management, and deliver a full M&E package.

From there, the team ensured accountability all the way through to the testing and inspection stage, where trial production began, and the eventual commissioning of the plant by authorities – ensuring minimal downtime and cost-reductions at every step.

Thomas Halliwell’s experienced UK project team helped SMP’s Mongolian workforce get up to speed on their uncompromising standards for electrical earthing practices and final testing of installations. Their expert engineers coordinated to provide flexible solutions during the installation of vital dewatering equipment – all while navigating a language barrier and extreme weather, which reached as low as -45°C on some days.

Jon Halliwell, Director for Thomas Halliwell, said:

“A project as unique and complex as this demanded expert knowledge and creative thinking. We understand that time is money in this industry, and our team worked incredibly hard to reduce downtime and provide immediate solutions for Steppe Metal Powder. They valued our expertise and trusted us to be their principal contractor for the project. It just shows how our M&E excellence is counted on by so many people – even on the other side of the world”

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